The Creation of Uld'ra

<meta />There was once a war. A war of evil and good. It brought forth chaos amongst the cosmos and during this war some deities were slain and deities were brought forth by the chaos of clashing divine energy. It hasn’t been said how long this war lasted, nor is there much known information but it’s said that the war lasted thousands of years.

During this war without knowing the divine beings were creating something of value. The swirling divine energy that was flowing throughout the war brought forth a new dimension. However the Gods had yet to notice. In this dimension a world known as Uld’ra was taking form. Life was beginning to come into existence, but not divine life. It was something the Gods had yet to experience. It was something foreign to them. With the new discovery of their accidental creation a truce amongst the Gods was created. None knew how long it would last nor if it really would. Some Gods still battle over domains but that’s to be expected.

Many races took shape on the world of Uld’ra. Elves, dwarves, humans, and all other kinds of humanoid creatures. Of course were lay's good there will always be evil. Orcs, goblins, and other beast of chaos also took form. Some say they were born from Gods of the chaotic nature.

Not long after the creation of Uld’ra the races learned to control the leftover divine energy from the war of the Gods. Thus magic was born. Some of course could control it more superior than others, and of course some call upon their deity to help them control it better. Those are what we call clerics and some paladins of sorts.

That is the little information that the people of Uld’ra know and follow, but do keep in mind my fellow friends. Not all believe this story and why would they?


The Creation of Uld'ra

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