History of Kurlest


There was once a time on Kurlest were the two neighboring nations were not meeting eye to eye. Dormar, being the nation with the greatest army and technology decided to attack Durasashi under the King known as Serlung. He went to war simply because he wished to conquer it and claim their land in hopes to unlocking magical artifacts. However, that's all that remembered. After the outcome of the war which was Dormar retreating for unknown and undocumented reason the King declared all history to be burned and outlawed. However, that didn't stop the stories.


Now the nation of Dormar is being ruled by Shauel who is young and vibrant. This being two hundred years after the blank era. (When al history was deleted.) He has however has begun to make questioning changes to the nation. One of which is discouraging all religion besides the worship of Bane. Bane the God of war and battle… He has raised taxes, and is currently trying to build a far bigger army. Which indicates war. It's also rumored he's hired a group of experts to capture and bring magic wielders to the capital.

Durasashi is a nation vibrant in magic users, and mostly Dragonborn. They're a nation of culture, tradition, and magic. They keep to themselves mostly.

History of Kurlest

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