Continents of Uld'ra

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The History of Uld’ra has been very well recorded by monks and scholars alike. More specifically the two most powerful nations that are in Uld’ra. The nation of Dormar and the nation of Durasashi. They both share the continent known as Kurlest.

Most of the history that is recorded is in the capital of Dormar known as Salistia. On the founding of Salistia with the first king being Ashton the Great Conqueror of his time demanded that all major history be recorded and placed in the capitals library. To this day there’s still scholars that record and document the history of Kurlest.


             Kurlest                                     Shermana    

Dormar   Durasashi                  Bulgerla    Furshion

Continents of Uld'ra

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